Venezuela: Pining for the fjords?

First, a Monty Python sketch:

And the latest on Hugo Chávez, two months after he left for Cuba:

(full story HERE).

1. Due to his pulmonary infection and his nearly constant intubation, Chavez has lost use of his voice.  Even worse, it seems that his vocal cords have been damaged beyond repair.

2. Chavez has been totally bedridden since his surgery two months ago and is extremely weak and emaciated.

3. Chavez is very depressed.

4. In addition to notifying the Chavez family, the physicians have also shared their dire prognosis with top officials of the Venenozuelan government and with the country’s supreme court.

5. It is highly likely that a formal announcement confirming the imminent death of Chavez will soon be made by his lackies in Caracastan.

6. As Chavez slips away with no chance of ever returning to Caracastan as anything other than a corpse, the Venezuelan constitution is being ignored and will probably continue to be ignored by the Chavistas who run the country.

In Venezuela, the circus school is closing, but the cult of personality continues, as the government installs mailboxes in 335 municipalities so young people can express their “fervent love for the homeland and the Bolivarian revolution” with a get-well note to Hugo.


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