Two questions re: Hugo Chavez

The first question: Where is he?
Chavez reportedly is back in Venezuela, at the Dr. Carlos Arvelo Military Hospital, where an entire floor is reserved for him. At the same time, Cuba wouldn’t want to be left holding the body.

No photos have been released of his arrival, but a local Venezuelan website posted a photo taken last year of Chavez arriving at the airport.

The second question: How is he?
Clearly he must be very ill, or the Cuban government would have touted that “excellent free healthcare” of theirs for having “cured” him. Vice-president Maduro stated that Chavez is unable to speak due to a tracheotomy, which probably should be interpreted as “don’t ask, he can’t be sworn in.”

Cardinal Jorge Urosa Savino urged Chavez to get sworn in, and he was quickly told to shut up for making such a “cynical and inhumane statement.”

The only sign of . . . life is Chavez’s tweeter feed “but if you ask me Tweeter is as close to a Poltergeist experience the web 2.0 offers.”

Is he even alive?


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