THIS I could support: Entrepreneur visas

A New Push for Entrepreneur Visas

The Startup Act 3.0, a bipartisan Senate bill expected to be introduced this week, aims to get 75,000 new “entrepreneur visas” every year to founders who raise $100,000 for new ventures that hire at least two employees within a year and at least five in the following three years.

The measure also would create 50,000 visas per year for foreign students who graduate from U.S. universities with advanced degrees in science, technology, engineering or mathematics, and spend at least five years pursuing careers in those fields.

But those are not the kind of immigrants the Dems want:

Last November, the House passed a stand-alone bill that would have given visas to immigrants in high-tech fields. Mr. Obama opposed the bill, and the White House said at the time it “does not support narrowly tailored proposals that do not meet the president’s long-term objectives with respect to comprehensive immigration reform.”

Obama’s SOTU’S call for “comprehensive immigration reform” is not going to add any jobs to the economy, and it won’t create opportunity for Americans, nor would it provide incentives for integration and assimilation.

Bringing in highly-skilled entrepreneurs who will hire Americans (born or naturalized) will.

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