The Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

Argentina’s Betrayal
The Kirchner government has decided to whitewash Iranian terrorism

The IMF and Argentina
Motion of censure
The fund blows the whistle

U.S. Corn-Ethanol Producers: Curb Imports From Brazil
The U.S. corn-ethanol industry is urging the Obama administration to cut down on imports of a different type of ethanol from Brazil, in a bid to reduce competition and improve its bottom line.

Chile orders Neruda exhumation
A Chilean judge orders the exhumation of the remains of the poet Pablo Neruda, as part of an investigation into claims he was poisoned in 1973.

Colombia’s peace talks
Trying to stay the course

Ecuador’s election
The man with the mighty microphone
Having mixed the good, the bad and the ugly during six years in power, Rafael Correa is heading for another term

Ecuador’s Permanent Mob-Rule Campaign
By demonizing opponents and changing voting law, President Rafael Correa assures his re-election.

Annals of government intervention: Pemex, Argentina, and Brazil

More Bayly, in Spanish,

Some good and bad news from Mexico

A Poor Decision…

Nicaragua Aims to Become New Luxury Hotspot

The last caudillo
Lino Oviedo’s death may help the Colorados return to power

Peru, Chile and Bolivia hit by floods after heavy rain

36 Hours in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Venezuela’s economy
Out of stock
The cost of postponing an inevitable devaluation

The week’s posts & podcast:
Venezuela: Pining for the fjords?

Ecuadorian minister lies about Cory Booker

The real scandal in the Menendez story…

The latest from Spain & Latin America


3 Responses to “The Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean”

  1. jlh Says:

    “The US corn -ethanol industry”

    Sorry, I had the impression that the original intention was to alleviate use of fossil fuels and simultaneously help out farmers. Instead , it has precipitated food shortages and and financed agribusiness to such an extent that we now have a “corn-ethanol industry.” There is apparently even evidence that ethanol is detrimental to car engines.

    Can there be any better example of the devastation wrought by the well-intentioned and ill-informed?

  2. Fausta Says:

    Can there be any better example of the devastation wrought by the well-intentioned and ill-informed?
    The ban on DDT?

  3. jlh Says:

    I give! I will claim second place in a tie with global warming, Peace in our Time, unilateral nuclear disarmament and the post-racial president.