Taxing tango in Seattle

New Tax Rule Threatens Seattle Ballroom

Hallie Kuperman loves to dance. But what she loves even more is sharing this passion with visitors to her social dancing club, the Century Ballroom.

Hallie purchased the vintage dancing space 16 years ago, turning it into a Seattle institution. The Century Ballroom not only teaches swing, tango and the foxtrot, it also hosts cabarets and other live performances for an eclectic crowd of all ages. The club’s trendsetting owner has become a prominent and beloved figure in the community.

Business was swinging until a surprise bill arrived from Washington’s Department of Revenue. The state agency decided to reinterpret an obscure old tax, audited the Century Ballroom, and demanded a check for $92,000.

Here’s a tango show at the Century Ballroom:
Marcelo Molina Performing in “TANGO CABARET” Show at Century Ballroom, Seattle 2011 with Mirabai Deranja, dancing to Reliquias Porteñas.

h/t Gay Patriot, who says, New Tax Threatens Dancing In Seattle, Gays To Riot?

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2 Responses to “Taxing tango in Seattle”

  1. Rick Caird Says:

    So, the Beatles were right “I’ll tax your feet”.

  2. Fausta Says:

    Your feet, your socks, and your shoes, too!