More Super Bowl ad faux outrage: Coca Cola

After I posted the “No worries, man. Ev’rythin’ will be all-right” Volkswagen ad last night, a friend emailed with another Super Bowl ad “outrage”: CAIR complained about this ad,

Apparently they’re upset that the Arab has a camel, or something, and that you can’t vote for him at the website.

You can, however, vote for the bikers, the cowboys or the show girls.

The ad, by the way, borrows from

  • the old Puerto Rican saying, “he thinks he’s the last Coca Cola in the desert”, referring to a guy who think’s he’s God gift to women
  • Priscilla Queen of the Desert
  • Mad Max
  • Blazing Saddles
  • and Lawrence of Arabia (who was most definitely not Arab)

Vote early, vote often!

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One Response to “More Super Bowl ad faux outrage: Coca Cola”

  1. jlh Says:

    “The last coke in the desert”

    Talk about cultural penetration!

    But, of course you know: Humor is racist. Guess who doesn’t have any sense of…