Hugo Chavez reportedly back in Venezuela

After not tweeting since November 1, 2012, this morning Hugo’s Tweeter account posted this:

As od the writing of this post, none of the official Venezuelan media have posted any photos or video of the arrival; instead Nicolas Maduro said on a phone interview that Chavez arrived at 2:30AM Caracas time, and that Chavez is “clinging on to Christ, clinging on to life”, and the commander is “here, among his people” (video in Spanish):

However, when he was asked by a television announcer for information on Mr. Chávez’s condition, Mr. Maduro declined to provide details. Reportedly, Chavez is at the Dr. Alberto Arvelo military Hospital, unable to speak due to a tracheotomy, and according to another tweeter, was flown in by air ambulance, not the presidential plane (which apparently remained in Cuba),

One might expect the dictator to return in the bright sunshine of a Caracas afternoon, to be greeted by thousands of his syncophantic loyalists.

An email from a friend adds that,

  • There is no extensive security detail in the area surrounding the hospital
  • People who work at the hospital and the airport say there was no military presence waiting for the Chavez’s arrival

At the same time, a Chavista hospital worker says she saw Chavez walk in, and then read a propaganda statement (video in Spanish),

No one took a photo? No one pulled out their cell phone to take a video?

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  2. Shanna Carson Says:

    Signs of a power vacuum are evident, according to some analysts, which may be a reason for Chavez’s return despite the chance that his cancer treatment and recovery in Cuba were not complete.