Ben Carson for POTUS!

I would certainly vote for Dr. Carson, and so would the WSj editorial board:
Ben Carson for President
The Johns Hopkins neurosurgeon has two big ideas for America.

He’s on Fox News right now and mentioned the Horatio Alger Society.

Here he is on Hannity,

Dr. Carson will be retiring from surgery later this year (neurosurgeons retire young). We’ll be hearing more from him, and that’s a good thing.

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One Response to “Ben Carson for POTUS!”

  1. William Morse Says:

    Dr. Carson was on Fox News on this morning (Feb. 10) and his interview was interrupted by a technical break. The Fox website has the second portion of his interview on their website but not the first. Somehow the first portion needs to be available for public viewing. It was great. It was so hopeful.