@webbmedia’s Amy Webb is on a roll

Amy Webb was minding her business as CEO of Webbmedia, when, after a series of disastrous dates, she decided to put her geek skills to the internet dating scene by Hacking the Hyperlinked Heart. Not only did she research it, she took one drastic step further and,

Drawing on my background in data analysis, I set out to reverse engineer my profile. I outlined 10 male archetypes and created profiles for each of them on JDate. There was JewishDoc1000, the private-practice cardiologist who hated cruise-ship travel, and LawMan2346, an attorney who was very close to his family and a former national debate champion.

Posing as these men, I spent a month using JDate.

Heartiste would not approve.

Among her findings, this one is rather alarming to us 5’9″ers,

All of the 96 women I interacted with listed their height as between 5-foot-1 and 5-foot-3

but she found other, more useful information, which she acted on.

Her research paid off and now she’s happily married, and her book, Data, A Love Story: How I Gamed Online Dating to Meet My Match, is coming out this week.

Amy’s also in a very entertaining TED video (did I mention I watch TEDs?),

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