Venezuela: Hugo’s fake picture

Spain’s El Pais apologises for false Hugo Chavez photo

Spain’s El Pais newspaper has apologised after publishing a photo of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez which it said has turned out to be a fake.

The photo shows a man in hospital with a tube in his mouth and was printed on the front page with the headline: “the secret of Chavez’s illness”.

The photo (above) looks like a still frame of a YouTube released last month of a man being intubated in a hospital, who, in my opinion is 1. not Hugo Chavez, and 2. taking place perhaps in a Central American hospital (because of the accents), but definitely not in Cuba or Venezuela.

Video below the fold:


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  1. fuster Says:

    FYI– though you probably already know—

  2. fuster Says:

    and of course, the story I originally meant to send before stumbling over that one.

  3. pedro perez Says:

    Fotos horribles de Uribana Violación a los derechos humanos !!!! Iris Varela ASESINA!!!

  4. Fausta Says:

    Gracias, Pedro. Lo pongo en el Carnaval del lunes.