The Diplomad on Hunting Obama’s Elephants

As regular readers of this blog have noticed, I haven’t been posting on the week’s news. Neither has The Diplomad:

Having one of those periodic visits by what Churchill and others have called the “black dog.” A little one, mind you, but nevertheless it interferes with my ability to engage in witty repartee of the blog-type. Let me explain. I am not talking about some clinical depression. I am talking about the black dog that bites you when you read the news, and see and hear the politicians–Democrat and Republican, American and foreign–prattle on about anything and everything except the facts.

Let’s start with one: the economy and government finances. Disaster. The elephants are everywhere, crushing the crops, knocking over the huts, flattening everything and everyone in their path. Nothing was resolved with the bizarre deal reached by Obama and the spineless GOP Congress. The government is spending at an increasing rate, at a rate that is not sustainable, and at a rate that threatens to destroy the entire economy and the very essence of American life, i.e., individual freedom. The debate over the growth of government programs should be about the effect of those programs on our individual freedoms, on the position of the United States in the world, as well as on our shrinking wallets. I don’t see that debate. Instead we talk about nonsense.

In other words, instead of talking about the economy and the crazy government policies ruining it, we talk about guns. Yes, guns. Every liberal politician from Obama to Biden, Cuomo, Emanuel, Bloomberg, Villaraigosa, Brown, etc., and news outlet is full of concerns over “assault weapons.” Yes, that is the greatest issue facing America. What is almost funny is that none of these pontificators can tell us what is an “assault rifle.” I will tell you what it is. It is a made-up term meant to sound scary. It is like “global climate change,” something which can be defined and redefined at will. It is a term used to frighten silly people whose knowledge of guns comes from watching Hollywood movies where every gang-banger has an arsenal of fully automatic weapons. It is a term meant to justify even more growth in government power and even further loss of individual freedoms.

Gun control for anyone except the DoJ’s F&F scheme, though.

Add to that college football players with invisible girlfriends, Tour de France doping (another Captain Louis Renault moment!), Lindsay Lohan escort “work”, Michelle Obama’s new wig, and whatever else Michael Bloomberg thinks of restricting next.

No wonder we’re all playing Angry Birds.

We are the Angry Birds!


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  2. IGotBupkis, Legally Defined Cyberbully in All 57 States Says:

    }}} We are the Angry Birds!

    Oh, if ONLY someone would fire me at The One’s house of cards!!