South American cocaine’s African routes

This will not come as a surprise to long-term readers of this blog: Al-Qaeda’s at the center of drug trafficking.

Revealed: how Saharan caravans of cocaine help to fund al-Qaeda in terrorists’ North African domain
The 37 foreign workers who died in the assault on an Algerian gas plant were victims of terrorists whose weapons may have been paid for by cocaine users of Britain and Europe, reports Colin Freeman.

Unlike their ancestors’ cargoes of spices, salts and silks, the contraband that Gao’s smugglers bring in today from Colombia is deemed strictly “haram”, or forbidden, by Islam.
Yet the city’s ever-zealous Islamist morality police have a good reason for turning a blind eye. For it is thanks to the trans-Saharan cocaine trade that Islamist groups like al-Qaeda have become a power in the region, building up formidable war chests to buy both arms and recruits.

The cocaine trade first exploded in this region five years ago, as Latino cartels, faced with a saturated market in the US, sought new routes to get their product to Europe’s borders. First the drug is shipped or flown across the Atlantic to lawless, corrupt coastal states like Guinea Bissau, then it is moved thousands of miles across the Sahara to Algeria, Morocco and Libya.

Now, though, the trade’s potential to wreak far wider havoc has become horrifyingly clear, in helping to bankroll the al-Qaeda movements behind both the Islamist take-over of northern Mali and the murder of western workers at the Algerian gas facility earlier this month.

The planes into Gao fly in directly from Venezuela, drugs’ #1 point of departure in Latin America.

In addition to the profiting, al-Qaeda terrorists use stimulants – cocaine, meth – during battle.

The war on terror and the war on drugs have joined into a new stage.

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7 Responses to “South American cocaine’s African routes”

  1. fuster Says:

    run the numbers, Fausta….this is not at all a big source of funding.

    even the Guardian thinks otherwise.

  2. Fausta Says:

    Your article’s on cigarette smuggling, fuster.

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  4. NotClauswitz Says:

    Hey, free drugs and a new market outlet for the stone-cold killer cartels! Could any Jihadi ask for more, new friends AND GUNS!?!

  5. fuster Says:

    yes, Fausta… it is.

    and I sent it so that you could see that the cocaine is small potatoes….. if you ran the numbers, as I suggested, you would have noted that the profits to terrorists in smuggling coke through Africa are tiny in comparison.

  6. Fausta Says:

    And that makes it OK?

  7. fuster Says:

    how would that question follow from anything? why would you even ask that?