New Bohemian chic? UPDATED!

Time for shoe blogging!

Take a look at these sandals, which are featured in today’s WSJ’s article on The New Bohemians
The haute hippie look reminiscent of faraway places has returned in a smart new form—and just in time for the warm days ahead

The article shows a variety of outfits tastefully mixing pseudo-ethnic prints with plain pieces, and the sandals are at the end, where they advise you to “Work one of these items into a classic, simple ensemble to get the look of Bohemian 2.0”

Bohemian with bucks beaucoup,

Lambskin Sandals, $2,175, Chanel, 800-550-0005

and also with a lot of time, to buckle on and off.

Instead of a Bohemian/hippie vibe, these bring back a different memory altogether,

Linked by Dustbury, who says,

Fausta, with the tango in her soul and the legs to die for



3 Responses to “New Bohemian chic? UPDATED!”

  1. » Imported from Bohemia Says:

    […] Fausta, with the tango in her soul and the legs to die for, looked at these, and what she remembered was not the classic hippie-chick vibe that’s supposedly being celebrated by those WSJ goobers, but something, um, entirely different. […]

  2. Gringo Says:

    Costs a lot these days to be a faux hippie. Back in the day, hippies bought a lot at Army/Navy surplus stores. These days, it’s Gold Plated Army/Navy Surplus. Didn’t Marie Antoinette play shepherdess?

  3. Fausta Says:

    At the Petit Trianon, no less!