Hagel on Cuba: Feel the love

Jennifer Rubin posts on Hagel’s Cuba problem

Much of the focus on Chuck Hagel’s record has been on his views on Israel, Iran and sequestration. Equally troubling to those who have taken a forceful stand against Castro’s dictatorship in Cuba, however, has been his dismissive attitude toward the Castros and his enthusiasm to end the U.S. embargo with no quid pro quo.

The Castro regime, of course, has grown increasingly close to the Iranian regime and has allied itself with Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez. In seizing and imprisoning an American, Alan Gross, it has advocated a swap with the so-called Cuban five spies (a position strenuously opposed by the U.S. Senate).

Val Prieto posits his low hanging fruit theory,

The Obama presidency will need a legacy and given their leadership ineptitude, they’ll most likely go for the low hanging fruit: Barrack [sic] Obama, the President who single-handedly lifted the archaic, inhumane, and ridiculous US embargo on Cuba.

Regardless of whether the Cuban regime shows any human rights and political and economic openings as well as cooperation on anti-terrorism and drug interdiction

Cuba in 2012 and now? Zero reforms and growing religious repression

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2 Responses to “Hagel on Cuba: Feel the love”

  1. Hagel on Cuba: Feel the love | Liberty Unyielding Says:

    […] at Fausta’s blog. Monday, January 14, 2013 at 11:44 […]

  2. fuster Says:

    Jennifer Rubin is rather a terrible little liar and swore to us all that Sandra Sotomayor was a horrible racist who was unfit to serve as a federal judge.

    unless Fausta you think that the Cuban medical and scientific community is close to making the Castro brothers immortal, and their work on behalf of Chavez is demonstrative of how close they are, then there really is no longer reason to continue the embargo.

    the Cuban economy is a shambles and Fidel a couple of years back admitted that his economic policies failed miserably.

    “The Cuban model doesn’t even work for us anymore.”


    the embargo is now simply beating a dead horse and not helping the Cuban people in any way.

    — “