Venezuela: Those pesky rumors

Here’s what’s known:
Hugo Chávez hasn’t tweeted since November 1st. His family and his VP are now in Cuba, supposedly at his bedside. Evo Morales had traveled to Havana but was not allowed to visit with Chavez. The Chavez government released 11 political prisoners last night.

Here’s the speculation:
A lot of people think he’s dead; others say he’s in an induced coma.

Venezuelan Dr. Jose Rafael Marquina, tweeting from Naples, Florida, has been saying that Chávez had a pulmonary embolism, but that, even when Dr. Marquina has no updates, Chávez’s “condition can not get more serious.”

Journalist Nelson Bocaranda, who’s traveling in South Africa, tweeted that the news from Havana is not good, which is why the VP and other ministers met at the hospital in Havana.

So, as you can see, we have again endless rumors about a Latin American dictator dying or not in Cuba.

As I have said multiple times about Fidel Castro, I’ll believe it once the official announcements are made, the corpse is shown to the public, and the CSI people can confirm it’s him.

Until then, the only “advantage” dictators get from that excellent free Cuban healthcare is a cloak of secrecy.

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One Response to “Venezuela: Those pesky rumors”

  1. fuster Says:

    Doubt that he’s dead, doubt that they won’t be able to have him return for the oath of office, doubt that he stays alive till April Fools Day.