The Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

Debt – Argentina’s long-festering wound

The Argentine Debt Saga Continues: A COHA Side-By-Side Report with The Pan-American Post

Argentine bonds

HPOA Defense: Oxford Ph.D. Claims He Was “Duped” Into Carrying Four Pounds of Coke By Promise of Meeting Lovely Woman

John McAfee ‘captured on Belize-Mexico border’
The mystery over the whereabouts of millionaire software tycoon John McAfee deepened on Sunday night after his blog suggested he had been captured by police in Belize only for officials to deny they had him in custody.

Brazil Tepid Growth Disappoints

Brazil’s Image Takes a Beating
Gang violence, corruption, and blackouts have created a PR nightmare.

Rousseff acts on Brazil oil plan
Part of a law intended to share royalties from Brazil’s oil fields across the country’s 26 states is vetoed by President Dilma Rousseff.

Colombia pulls out of International Court over Nicaragua
Colombia has announced it no longer recognises the jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice, in The Hague.

Farc peace talks in Cuba adjourned for a week
The Colombian government and rebels from the Farc have concluded the first stage of peace talks aimed at ending five decades of conflict.

Linguistic Reforms

Will a new German law cover Cuban prostitutes?

A rum do
The new president faces a tax revolt

Remembering the Mirabal Sisters

‘Free speech champion’ Julian Assange silent on the assault on free speech in Ecuador

Probe finds horrific sexual, physical abuse in Guatemala psychiatric hospital

Briefing: Secretary of State Candidates and Their Views on Latin America

Departing Mexican Leader Leaves a Mixed Legacy

Border BFFs: Obama, Peña Nieto Bond as Agendas Remain Suspect
And two Republicans used the occasion to introduce their DREAM Act alternative: the ACHIEVE Act.

Mexico, In Hands of a New and Unknown PRI Commanded by Peña Nieto

Camacho case spurs Puerto Rico to examine brain-death guidelines

The funeral: Matando Dos Pájaros De Un Tiro, Cafres Celebran Reunión Anual En El Velorio Del Macho Camacho

China’s Misguided Hugo Chávez Love Affair

Another ordinary night in Caracas…

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez Battling Bone Metastasis, Report Says

The signs are piling, the end is near (?)

Chavez’ Authorized To Leave Country To Seek Health Treatment

Cancer at the Heart
With Hugo Chávez in Cuba for yet more medical treatment, will Venezuela fall apart without him?

Infrastructure in Venezuela
Cancelling Christmas
Inefficiency is promoting autarky, perhaps by design

The week’s posts and podcast,
Mexico: Obama not attending inauguration

Argentina: Broken Bad

Venezuela: Judge Afiuni’s detention UPDATED

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2 Responses to “The Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean”

  1. Gringo Says:

    Re Argentine debt: a 9% growth rate is not a very good argument for not paying, especially since most of the debt has already been written off. While “we cannot pay” was at the time a good argument ten years ago for writing off a large portion of the debt, those conditions no longer apply.

    Just one more example of the cultural continuity of the vivo approach in Argentina. From Juan Domingo and before, to Videla to the Kirchners: the vivo has remained a large part of Argentine culture.

    [For those unfamiliar w the term: vivo~ con man, flim-flam artist…]

  2. Fausta Says:

    Very good points, Gringo.