Hillary shall remain concussed while in Punta Cana

Hillary hospitalized with blood clot.

Hillary, who shall remain concussed until next week, has taken her concussion on holiday to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. Gateway Pundit posts that Hillary Clinton So Sick She Had to Travel to Punta Cana Resort to Celebrate the New Year.

The poor woman will not only be nursing her concussion at the tropical resort, she’ll also be nursing her hangover in Bill’s presence,

According to press reports, the Clintons will celebrate New Year’s at the Puntacana Resort & Club and could also attend a fashion show scheduled for December 29, which will be held in honor of famous Dominican designer Oscar de la Renta.

Worse yet, Anna Wintour will be at the party. “Just don’t be late!”


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State Dept. Says Clintons Are Not Partying in Dominican Republic as Was Reported; where are they partying, then?

Did she have a facelift, maybe?

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9 Responses to “Hillary shall remain concussed while in Punta Cana”

  1. fuster Says:

    I’m sure that you’ll be far more drunken than Ms Clinton.

    she doesn’t look as if she enjoys enjoying herself.

  2. Fausta Says:

    I don’t drink.

  3. fuster Says:

    so’s it’s all IV intake?

  4. Fausta Says:


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  6. fuster Says:

    I figured that you were too drunk and full of stew to notice this……..

    ” WASHINGTON — Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton was admitted to a New York hospital Sunday after the discovery of a blood clot stemming from the concussion she sustained earlier this month.”

    ,,,,, but it sure shows how much that dreadful woman lies.

  7. Fausta Says:

    Tweeted on it a while ago

  8. fuster Says:

    good for you, Fausta. it’s turned out to be a sobering situation.

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