Chavez: “I do not surrender political power, I delegate it.”

Before heading to Cuba, during what may be his last cadena, Hugo Chávez named Nicolás Maduro as his successor – but, saying, “I do not surrender political power, I delegate it.”

Chávez is back in Cuba for health reasons: Carlos Eire posts,

The Spanish newspaper ABC, which claims to have access to inside information, reports today that Hugo Chavez has entered an irreversible decline. In sum, his recent television address could very well be his last one. Kissing a crucifix on camera was most probably his final farewell.

Among the details provided:

* The cancer has not only returned to the pelvic area, but has also spread to his bones. This means that Chavez is in constant pain and taking high doses of pain-killers and sedatives.

* The sudden departure of Chavez for Cuba on November 27 was precipitated by a sharp downturn in his health, which included intense stomach pains, vomiting of blood, and loss of consciousness.

* When Chavez arrived in Havana he was in critical condition.

* The hyperbaric chamber treatments were for lesions that were caused months ago by his radiation theraphy, which have not yet healed.

* The surgery being performed today may buy him some time, but cannot save his life.

* Chavez is being cared for by a team of Russian doctors, who rushed to Havana on a chartered jet.

* Chavez was warned by his doctors over a year ago that he needed to step down from office and undergo more extensive treatment, but refused to follow their advice. At one point, near the date of the Venezuelan election, plans were made to send him to Moscow, but he refused to go. His current condition is due to “months of neglect,” according to the Russian oncologists.

* It is highly unlikely that Chavez will recover, or even be able to assume office. On most days, he cannot even get out of bed.

Additionally, doctors ruled out a new round of chemotherapy because of Chávez’s weakened condition.

Readers of this blog may recall that Cuba had to import a Spanish gastroenterologist/oncologist for Fidel; now they import a Russian oncologist for Hugo. Makes you wonder what Michael Moore would have to say about that “excellent free Cuban healthcare.”

As I have mentioned innumerable times, Chavez’s rule was entirely predicated on consolidating power on himself. The consequences are dire:

The departure of Chavez for Cuba yesterday in what could well be a no return trip is sending Venezuela into a probable tail spin of political unrest.

Chavez’ renewed absence and the very likely possibility of a Presidential election in the first quarter of 2013, places all economic decisions on hold, including devaluation, gas price increase, foreign exchange system, Sitme, bond issuance and the like.

Caracas Chronicles may have the best analogy, though:

The Chávez era has been like putting a particularly noxious internet troll in charge of the country.

With the big difference that millions of people in an entire country are affected.


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  1. Phineas Says:

    Sean Penn must just be devastated at the news.

  2. Fausta Says:

    Yes, Sean even joined him on the campaign trail.

  3. jlh Says:

    Listening to countless “public figures” like Sean Penn–to say nothing of many friends, neighbors and colleagues–is like living in a version of Stepford. Where do these people come from?

  4. Fausta Says: