What to put in the kitchen that ate the house

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First trend:
The Kitchen That Ate the House
The high-end home’s newest great room features plush furniture, fireplaces, multiple flat screens—and a few carefully hidden appliances. Just look for the cook’s dirty secret in the next room.
Like, a kitchen off the kitchen?

Long the de facto central gathering space of the home, the kitchen has ballooned in size in recent years to become the new great room. At the highest end, some are over 3,000 square feet, outfitted with walk-in refrigeration rooms, multiple seating areas, wet bars and fireplaces, with fixtures and décor intentionally designed to look like hip living rooms. In some cases, much of the actual cooking is being relegated to a second, smaller kitchen space, so that the main kitchen can be used for entertaining—minus the unsavory dirty dishes or cooking smells.

Me, I like it when the house smells of bacon.

Second trend:
Reclaimed rustic chicken coop, found at The Hater’s Guide To The Williams-Sonoma Catalog, via Ace,

Williams-Sonoma says: “Built exclusively for us in their urban garden workshop, Laughing Chickens Coops have a classic, old-world design, constructed from the highest quality reclaimed redwood. $65 delivery.”
Price: $759.95 (with painted chicken), $599.95 (plain)

Notes from Drew: This is a real item in the catalog. And honestly, if you’re buying a goddamn chicken coop from a catalog, why NOT spring for the painted chicken? It was hand painted in an urban garden workshop, people. You CANNOT say you are a true farm-to-table household unless you have a coop to call your own. Muffy Wilshire and her fam bought a coop last year and now they can’t live without it. Could you imagine having a frittata made from STORE-BOUGHT eggs now? I shudder at the thought. You can also get a beehive box for $500 if you’re a fucking crazy person. Seriously, a chicken coop. People with money are so good at throwing it away.

Just keep in mind, folks, that nothing says THIRD WORLD MENTALITY like a flock of chickens scratching and pecking on your driveway.

Even if you are watching them from your second, smaller kitchen space.

OTOH, you can spend $950 on a pair of shoes that make you look like you’ve got club feet,

Third: the anti-trend trend,
The Trendiest Guy in New York City (h/t Instapundit). After reading that article, my only advice to any woman who goes on a blind date and finds out that the guy wears a manbun, drinks cocktails during his workout and gets a bikini wax is: Run! Run, and never look back.

Blogging on serious matters shall resume shortly.

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