Today’s blasphemy is brought to you by…

Jamie Foxx:

JAMIE FOXX: First of all, give an honor to God and our lord and savior Barack Obama. Barack Obama.

Ed Driscoll:

A few observations though, before you go: Didn’t the first-round of “Obama is God” (and at times BHO himself and his Pangaea-sized ego didn’t seem to argue with the notion) peak in early 2009 with then-Newsweek editor Evan Thomas’s shark-jumping quote on the subject? Since then, most liberals — particularly at the Washington Post, oddly enough — constantly ran the man down as just another hack, centrist politician.

And the above quote from Foxx brings to mind Umberto Eco’s observation in 2005: “G K Chesterton is often credited with observing: ‘When a man ceases to believe in God, he doesn’t believe in nothing. He believes in anything.’ Whoever said it — he was right. We are supposed to live in a sceptical age. In fact, we live in an age of outrageous credulity.”

Add abundant stupidity, too.

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