The morning after: Markets tank

As od the writing of this post,


  •                          LAST            CHG              %CHG
  • DJIA           12917.18         -328.50             2.48%
  • Nasdaq        2936.45           -75.48              2.51%
  • S&P 500      1392.79           -35.60              2.49%
  • Global Dow 1903.82          -29.41               1.52%
  • FTSE 100     5792.66          -92.24               1.57%
  • Nikkei          8972.89            -2.26              0.03%
SettingsRANGE: 1 DAY



3 Responses to “The morning after: Markets tank”

  1. LibertyAtStake Says:

    Because investors know they are the among the ones from whom Barry’s mob seeks it’s “revenge.”

  2. John Says:

    Maybe the thing to do is just let Obama have his way and let him own the disaster he is creating.

  3. CiLH Says:

    We are longer up against a President seeking his 2nd term. The President is up against his Legacy.

    Thus far, Mr. Obama has shown a poor track record of DOING anything. His crowning achievement of his first term, the first two years of his presidency – one in which his party controlled absolutely the Congress and Senate, was Obamacare and very little else.

    He’s shown almost no ability to work with his own party let alone members of the other party. He has a lot to do and very little time in which to accomplish it.