Princeton update: No electricity, no heat

Downtown is the only part of town with electricity; the only traffic lights that work are downtown on Nassau street, from Harrison to Marquand park.

The Sunoco on Nassau street, and the Getty and Gulf onn Rt 1 & Washington Avenue are open, with very long lines.

McCaffrey’s is the only business open at the Princeton Shopping Center. All others, including the pharmacy, are not. The traffic lights in that area don’t work and some of the streets are blocked. I didn’t see any workers.

Many, many fallen trees and downed electrical lines have not been repaired, including on the street where I live. You’re better off staying away from the area.

I urge anyone who’s able to donate or volunteer to the Salvation Army.

Thousands are homeless in NJ. Obama had his photo op with Christie, and headed west.

The reports on New York City are horrible. Bloomberg is going ahead with the Marathon tomorrow, even when Staten Island is in desperate need.


The NY Post has the photo of the generators,

Generators power up marathon tent as rest of city struggles without electricity

Bloomberg cancels marathon; let’s hope the generators are on the way to where they’re most needed.

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One Response to “Princeton update: No electricity, no heat”

  1. Dorris Rossen Says:

    It is getting incredibly bad there. Bloomberg is not doing too well.