Princeton update 3: Need a shower?

In Princeton: the John Witherspoon school

In Plainsboro: Got an email from a friend,

Princeton Plasma Physics Lab has opened its cafeteria and locker rooms to the public until 8pm tonight. They are offering heat, hot showers, phone and laptop recharging, wifi, vending machines, microwaves and CNN.

Scudders Mill Rd to Campus Drive to Stellarator Drive (!!!) to the guardhouse where you show id. They have staff to direct people to the cafeteria.

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3 Responses to “Princeton update 3: Need a shower?”

  1. A.Men Says:

    Wow! Such generosity from a Billion dollar (lots of taxpayer money) institution!

  2. jlh Says:

    My Pennsylvanian family regularly spent one or two weeks each summer on the Jersey shore. One memory that haunts me now is a display of photographs in a small hotel in, I think, Ocean Grove, showing the results of the tidal wave of 1938 on the area. Eerily similar to the “after” pictures now.

  3. Fausta Says:

    And that was before global warming, jlh.