Belize: McAfee goes bonkers, UPDATED

While one of the most wonderfully front-loaded distraction campaigns in recent memory continues to work like a charm, the news from Belize is that John McAfee is Wanted for the Murder of American expatriate Gregory Faull.

Stacy explains the whole sordid tale: When You’re Down to Your Last $4 Million, Hallucinogens May Seem Fun.

In case you wonder where the hey is Belize, McAfee went south in more ways than one,

Wired reporter live-tweets murder suspect McAfee’s run from police

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One Response to “Belize: McAfee goes bonkers, UPDATED”

  1. OBloodyhell Says:

    Considering what a total POS his AV software is (it’s universally reviled amongst anyone who knows anything about software as a massive resource hog and a prime example of bloatware), it seems as though he’s going to wind up in hell pretty soon.