Argentina: Now on general strike

So much for having a tango Thanksgiving weekend in Buenos Aires,

Argentina strikes paralyze capital, other cities

Strikes called by two Argentine unions pressing for reduced taxes and better social benefits paralyzed Buenos Aires and much of the country, the latest signs of an upswell in opposition to President Cristina Fernandez and her policies.

Truck drivers, garbage collectors, train conductors and airport employees observed the strike called by the General Workers Confederation and Argentinian Workers Central — unions that combined have about 500,000 members.

An estimated 2,000 trucks blocked bridges and arterial roads in Buenos Aires as well as those leading to provincial capitals, bringing commerce to a halt. Hugo Moyano, head of the Truckers Union, was a strong supporter of Fernandez in her reelection campaign last year but has since turned into one of her fiercest critics.

Buenos Aires’ main commuter airport was shut down by the work stoppage, stranding many provincial tourists and business travelers in the capital. All but one of the capital’s rail lines were closed, and many commuters simply stayed home from work.

The protesters want more government-provided money and benefits; the thing is, Cristina’s ran out of other people’s money. Still, she plans to run for a third term.

I predict she’ll win.

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3 Responses to “Argentina: Now on general strike”

  1. jlh Says:

    So, how are we any different?

  2. Phineas Says:

    Argentina’s greatest enemy is itself.

  3. George Says:

    The irony is that the unions supported Cristina because as a communist she promised utopia but can’t deliver. Where do they turn now?