Argentina: Broken Bad

No, he wasn’t making 99 and 44/100% pure anything; Paul Frampton just got duped by a babe in bikini* into carrying a whopping 4 pounds of cocaine.

I linked to the story six months ago,

Today Instapundit has an update: Frampton’s been sentenced to four years and eight months of jail.

Here’s a bit of advice: Do not do anything involving drugs of any kind when traveling. You don’t have any rights other than what the host country may or may not grant you.

If I’m not making myself clear, watch Midnight Express.

* It’s not quite clear whether he actually met the aforementioned babe in bikini.

I do mean all drugs. Always carry a prescription for any medications you have to take in your trip. Stay away from everything else, and of course, never take any packages, luggage, etc. that are not yours.

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4 Responses to “Argentina: Broken Bad”

  1. CGHill Says:

    I was in Turkey for a year, sandwiched between the events described in Midnight Express and the release of the film, and from I learned over there, I am persuaded that they could have released it as a documentary.

  2. Fausta Says:

    CGH, yes, someone who lived in Turkey at that time said exactly that.

  3. Gringo Says:

    Good advice. The only container carrying I did was to bring to the US some letters to mail for some fifty-something US friends in Paraguay- obviously bill payments. Another time I carried a present for a Limey co-worker to his sister in the US, which I hand delivered. As the present was not packaged, it was obviously not hiding any contraband.

    Another piece of advice for US citizens abroad is to stay out of local politics. Reading a couple of newspaper or magazine articles in the US, coupled with “good intentions,” doesn’t substitute for detailed knowledge of a country acquired from intensive reading and/or living in the country. The poster child for this adage is Lori Berenson. Anyone with just a cursory knowledge of Peru would have realized that by the mid-1990s, after having suffered over a decade of terror from Sendero and others, coupled with the capture of Sendero honcho Abemael Guzman, neither the government nor the people of Peru had a high tolerance for those who were involved with terrorist organizations. The blue passport was not a magic protective wand for Lori Berenson- nor should it have been.

  4. Fausta Says:

    Lori Berenson
    oh,yes, I had forgotten!