And, about blogging…

I am considering ceasing to blog on politics.

For eight years I have posted on serious issues taking place in our hemisphere that affect our everyday lives, and, to be honest, I’ve about had it. Every post on Latin America takes time researching sources from the country in Spanish, French or Portuguese, plus English-language reports. And what for? The American media and the American public would care more if the Iranians were making deals with Martians than they care if Hezbollah makes deals with the Zetas right in our own country.

The American politics posts draw more traffic but are clearly out of the mainstream of a coddled, self-absorbed electorate that thinks their vaginas, their abortions, and their welfare checks are more important than national security, chronic unemployment and respect for the Constitution.

Half the country doesn’t even pay federal income taxes. They do not value the effort of us who do.

The re-election of Obama ensures a bad economy, which in turn ensures that I will remain unemployed as a translator. At the same time, I have always been interested in literacy. Therefore, I’m considering blogging my Spanish-to-English translation work so it’s available for free for whoever may want to read it or not.

I may continue the Carnival of Latin America on Mondays, since that’s the sort of thing I have been reading on my own time for decades.

And to hell with politics.

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And many thanks to all commenters here, Facebook, and Twitter for their encouraging words.

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30 Responses to “And, about blogging…”

  1. Matt Says:

    Please don’t go, Fausta. If nothing else, I enjoy reading your work, although I have not been able do so as much as I would like of late. I commiserate with you that few people want to know what is going on in the country and world that we live in. In truth, I am too lax in keeping myself informed on many important matters.

    If you continue to write you will receive nothing concrete in exchange for your hard work. But the chance remains that you will positively influence someone who finds your website and is moved to think about what you write here. You might even rescue someone from the depths of leftist belief. This is what Thomas Sowell, Paul Mulshine and many other writers did for me and I am too grateful for words.

  2. Phineas Says:

    If it counts for anything, I’ve always enjoyed your political posts, even if I don’t often comment.

  3. smitty Says:

    Can’t fault your parting shot.
    Just don’t go completely radio silent, lady.

  4. Deborah Says:

    I gave up about two years ago. I had been active on the border of Mexico for five years trying to tell people what was really going on. No One cared.

    Most people see politics like football – R Team vs D Team. The people who know what is really going on are very few.

  5. Chris Muir Says:

    Fausta,do what you love,we’ll be here.

  6. JoeKidd Says:

    Hang in there.

  7. Judith L Says:

    Dear Fausta,

    I’ve never commented before, but your blog is one of my regular stops. I think your Latin American posts are of great value. Please don’t disappear.

  8. Jason Says:

    I still really miss your podcast on Blog Talk Radio. That was a fantastic show. I appreciate everything that you post, whether it be here or on FB. If you are like me you are super-down about the results of the election. Think about it for a while before you decide to shut this blog down.

  9. ZZMike Says:

    I understand your frustration. I feel the same way. We’ve talked and talked for 4 years, trying to get people to open their eyes and smell the garbage.

    All I can do now is quote Winston Churchill:

    “… never give in, never give in, never, never, never, never – in nothing, great or small, large or petty – never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense.”

    Of course, when he gave that speech, the enemy was from outside; now it is from inside.

  10. Donald Douglas Says:

    I felt like this after the midterms in 2010. I wanted to move out of California but my job is here. Blogging actually kept me sane. I had a purpose. I had feedback, and I met people like you when I traveled to Washington for CPAC 2011. Just dial it back for awhile until the urge hits you again. Your blog is the best resource on developments in Latin American politics. It’s a treasure. Take heart. You’re a phenomenal blogger.

  11. Jyotishi Says:

    Your blog is a treasure. Please don’t close it down! Thank you.

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  13. Chuck Says:

    Fausta, Please don’t go. I am discouraged also, but we all eed to han in there.

  14. Keith Martin Says:

    Fausta, I understand your frustration. Do what you feel is necessary to keep you sane in the era of Obama. Those of us from the TEMS chat room will always be there for you.

  15. Zelde Says:

    It would be a terrible loss if you were to cease….however, we all need to take a rest from time to time to keep up the good fight! Thanks for all you do! Abrazos, Zelde

  16. Pankcakes for Breakfast Says:

    take a few days off then come back with a restored determination.

  17. Paolo Says:

    As a former simultaneous interpreter (Italian/English), I find it appalling that someone of your obvious skill has difficulty finding work! Regarding this blog – I greatly enjoy it, and even click through the adds, to see what’s up in an area of the world I knew as a child. Have you considered running it as a subscription service?
    All the best,

  18. jlh Says:

    Like so many others, I enjoy everything you do. Many blogs are carefully restricted specialty dishes. Yours is a smorgasbord. Do what you have to do, but as the comments show, a lot of what you do will be missed. As to the Carnival, nothing anywhere else equals it.

  19. westie Says:

    Love your blog Fausta! You are my source for all things Mid & South American and I would miss you if you stop posting.

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  21. Marooned in Marin Says:

    Hang in there, Fausta. You’re not alone in your feelings and frustration. I was thinking this yesterday, but have started to get glimmers of inspiration today (especially after some rest). Take some time to rest and do some things you enjoy, then join the fight again when you’re rested and inspired, that’s what I”m planning to do and I hope to fight alongside you in that bunker.

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  23. NullUnit60 Says:

    I have been wondering what to do about the current situation in this country. I don’t have to repeat here what you already know so well. Sure take a little “me” time, perhaps a little spa treatment to work out the kinks. But there is another way to look at it, be the fly in the ointment. Toss that monkey-wrench into their machinery. For me, giving in to them is akin to unconditional surrender. They will attempt to sweep all of the problems under the rug, me along with it. To keep my mouth shut and take it.

    Not this boy. I will not surrender.

  24. Michelle Lancaster Says:

    Your voice is important and I pray you just take some time to rest, but return to make all our days. Have faith + stay strong!

  25. LibertyAtStake Says:

    Good luck to you in whatever direction your free will takes you.

  26. David Lentz Says:

    Fausta, you are more main stream than either the president or the media. You stay.

  27. MissJean Says:

    Whether you keep going or no, I appreciated very much your postings on politics. Yours was the only sane voice when I was trying to tell people that US policy was hurting Honduras for a non-coup and that children had died because of the Justice Dept. wanted to make anti-gun points.

    Estoy de acuerdo with the person who said you could rest and then come back when you’re ready. You are a clear, good voice in a medium that is full of lies and manipulation.

  28. CiLH Says:

    My advice is to follow your heart and passion. I particularly enjoy and value your coverage of South & Central America. Few have the background, knowledge & perspective that you have.

    As my friend Keith Martin said “Those of us from the TEMS chat room will always be there for you.” For once, he’s right. :-)

  29. Obi's Sister Says:

    I hear you, girl. We’re all at the end of our strings. Between the stress of my girl going to LI for grad school and then getting caught in Sandy and the election, I’m emotionally exhausted and haven’t slept through the night in two weeks.

    Just take some time off to recharge and pick back up after the first of the year.

    That’s what I’m considering. The kids will be home from school. We will have a very small and modest Christmas and hone our stock up/survival skills (ha).

    But FWIW, don’t stop the Carnival. You know my Spanish sucks. 😉

    Keep in touch!

  30. ricardo Says:

    Please don’t go! You are read internationally too, although you may seldom hear from us. Up here in Canada there aren’t many conservative specialists on Latin America we can reference, from original Spanish-translated documents.

    And if you think Obama and the Dems are “Marxist”, then you ain’t seen nothin’ yet — the Left opposition Parties in Canada are so radical they make Obama look like a veritable Ronald Reagan! Although Canada currently has a conservative government and an excellent growing free-market economy, most of our State bureacracies and media are in fact controlled by the far Left.

    Canada essentially lives under a “Marxist bureacratic dictatorship” in most areas except the economy. It’s right out of the post-Soviet Sandinista/Bolivarian revolutionary playbook. I draw valuable instructive comparisons from Latin America as a past resident there, and a former Reagan “freedom fighter”.

    Very selfish of me, but people like me need your Latin American news!