Venezuela: Tupamaros threaten death to opposition

Alberto «Chino» Carías, leader of the Movimiento Revolucionario Tupac Amaru (MRTA), Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Movement, also known as tupamaros, in an interview with Spanish newspaper ABC in his office at the National Assembly in Caracas, stated the following,
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ABC: Has president Hugo Chávez said that he will recognize the results?

AC: Exactly, since Chávez will win; but if the opposition ignores it and calls for violence after 4PM, we’ll confront them.

ABC: How will you do it?

AC: With lead. It’ll be a swarm. We are ready and well-armed. We’ll go on motorcycles, cars, or by foot. And, if we see turbulence on the streets, we’ll put on our hoods and bring out the weapons.

ABC: How did you do last week in Barinitas, where three of Henrique Capriles supporters were killed?

AC: Every war has its dead.

Carías, who has “666” tattooed on his neck, asserted that the tupamaros are political allies of terrorist groups ETA and FARC.

Venezuela’s election is in two days, October 7. Venezuelan blogger Miguel Octavio predicts a Capriles win.

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