Venezuela: Election results “between 9-10PM tonight”

“We expect that the CNE (Consejo Nacional Electoral, the electoral board) will have results two hours after the polls close,” the candidate for governor for the state of Carabobo explained. Francisco Ameliach, stated he had seen people lining up to vote for hours before the polls open.

Presidential candidate Henrique Capriles tweeted a photo of his lucky shoes,

Here in the USA you can follow Univision‘s live coverage in Spanish throughout the day. Jorge Ramos is in Caracas (video in Spanish),

Twitter handles for all of the above: @hcapriles @ComandoVENE @HayunCamino @Univision @jorgeramosnews

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One Response to “Venezuela: Election results “between 9-10PM tonight””

  1. Richard von Saggis - (Austria) Says:

    Afortunadamente Chávez ha vencido. Es un paso importantisimo hacía la victoria final. ¡Abajo el imperialismo yanquí en América Latina! ¡Arriba con Chávez, Morales, Correa, Daniel Ortega y Fidel!