The WaPo finds 900,000 Puerto Ricans in Florida

In Florida, Puerto Ricans’ rise gives a key swing state more swing voters

There are nearly 900,000 Puerto Ricans in the state,

Yowza! There are 4 million in PR, another 4 million outside the island, so it’s hardly surprising several of my relatives live in Fl.

and perhaps by the time they reach the million mark they will no longer be an overlooked constituency. They are rapidly catching up — in raw numbers, if not in political clout — to the long-established Cuban American community that many people think of when they think of Hispanics in Florida.

What sets Puerto Ricans apart from other Hispanic groups is that they’re all American citizens. On the island, which is a commonwealth of the United States, Puerto Ricans can vote in presidential primaries, but they have no voice in the general election because Puerto Rico has no electoral votes. But when they move to Florida and take up residency, Puerto Ricans have the same voting rights as someone who moves from across the Georgia border.

There’s a video,

The article is OK, but conflates all Latinos, while the real subject is Central Florida,

Jose Martinez, 31, is a Dominican entrepreneur who is in the thick of the new Orlando economy. He owns 13 MetroPCS stores, selling cheap cellphones — pay in cash, no contract required — to a mostly immigrant clientele, including many Mexicans, he says.

Makes you wonder about non-citizens voting as “Puerto Ricans”, though.


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