Re-enter the gold standard

Ralph Benko, writing in Forbes,
Signs Of The Gold Standard Are Increasingly Emerging…Worldwide

From Latin America, Manuel Hinds, twice Finance Minister of El Salvador, is on record in The Wall Street Journal advocating the classical gold standard. The “Sage of Mexico,” Hugo Salinas-Price, has kept the torch lit both for gold and silver to increasing worldwide respectful attention. Three weeks ago this column noted an elegant work extolling the gold standard emerging from Chile, Axel Kaiser’s Intervention and Misery: 1929-2008.

Europe and India are interested, too.

Ralph quotes Goldfinger, Bond villain extraordinaire; my favorite Goldfinger line, however, is

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3 Responses to “Re-enter the gold standard”

  1. Macker Says:

    There’s an even better line than that from the same movie: “Pussy!” 8)

  2. Fausta Says:


  3. westie Says:

    UhOh, Paulie Krugman, former Enron advisor will go a rampage and murder his cats if gold becomes real money!