One thing growing in this economy: Welfare!

This morning’s news (and keep in mind that the Senate Democrats last passed a budget on April 9, 2009):

Report: Welfare government’s single largest budget item in FY 2011 at approx. $1.03 trillion

According to the CRS report, which focused solely on federal spending for federal welfare programs, spending on federal welfare programs increased $563.413 billion in fiscal year 2008 to $745.84 billion in fiscal year 2011 — a 32 percent increase.

Further, spending on the 10 largest federal welfare programs has doubled as a share of the federal budget in the last 30 years: In inflation-adjusted dollars, according to Republican staff on the Senate Budget Committee, the amount spent on these programs has increased 378 percent in that 30 year time frame.

The $1.3 trillion does not include Social Security ($725 billion) or Medicare ($480 billion).

Under Obama, the federal government has acquired $6.846 trillion in tax revenues and other receipts, and it has spent $10.711 trillion — 56 percent more than it has had available to spend.”

Read the Congressional Research Service here,

Spending for Federal Benefits and Services for People With Low Income, FY08-FY11

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