Joe Biden: America’s crazy uncle

Suzette blames the Botox,

while Roger Kimball says it was “an extra dose of Geritol.”

Whatever it was, it was creepy,

Who won?

And I think women in particular will be sympathetic toward Ryan. They’ve all had to deal with boorish men who don’t respect them. That’s how Biden came off. Oh yeah.

And, an afterthought,
If you watched the debate with the sound turned off, who looks like POTUS material? Who looks deranged? No wonder Biden “created this disturbing atmosphere of anxiety.”

At church dinners, I’ve sat a table away from that guy a hundred times. He’s the guy everyone wants to get away from.”

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4 Responses to “Joe Biden: America’s crazy uncle”

  1. MissJean Says:

    I listened to it on the radio but was disturbed by Biden laughing at inappropriate times, such as when Ryan mentioned Iran developing a nuclear arsenal. He also seemed to be talking to himself or someone else, making cutting remarks about Ryan’s points.

    Some students told me today about watching it in a class, and they reacted very negatively to Biden’s rudeness and interruptions. Two things that they mentioned stuck out: 1) Biden calling Ryan “my friend” seemed sarcastic and 2) Biden reminded them of bullying classmates who add nothing to class discussions but mock and laugh at students who present their views.

  2. Fausta Says:

    He also seemed to be talking to himself
    Particularly when chuckling at nothing funny.

    A bully in the classroom, indeed.

  3. jlh Says:

    But it is not just peculiar. It is the face of the many you will encounter who listen only to each other and smile or laugh when any serious criticisms are advanced. They are the believers. They divide, I think, into two groups: 1) those who have lost the ability to think for themselves and take refuge in mottos; 2) those like Joe, who don’t care what the truth is, so long as their bread is regularly buttered.

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