The perfect headline,
Another Day, Another Claim That Castro Is Really Dead
More rumors that Fidel Castro has died are quickly denied by the government and his family.

No announcement. It is, as it was this morning, the same-old, same-old.

The really interesting story is how these rumors continue to take shape.

While we wait, a blast from the past,

The Ministry of Foreign Relations tweets, “The Ministry of Foreign Relations denounces false reports from @gobcubaexter account and its messages”

3:20PM Nothing on Radio Habana. 3:15PM Nothing on Granma. I’ll be live-blogging the rumors until 6PM, when supposedly “an official announcement” will be made. 3PM: Nothing in the cable channels. 2:45PM The foreign minister tweeted,



Formal announcement to follow at 6PM.

I’ll believe it when I see it.


6 Responses to “Cuba: FIDEL CASTRO DEAD?”

  1. mr asco Says:

    Que pena que sigan con su guerra tan estúpida en lugar de poners a trabajar para una opción política. Parecen buitres, deberían de trabajar ahora y no cuando muera ese “chefe”

  2. mr asco Says:

    Y por lo que veo, ustedes son tan asquerosos como a quien critican. ¡También tienen censura previa !

  3. Jeff Dunetz Says:

    The Farmers in the Dell
    The Farmers in the Dell
    They All Keep on ask me
    Is He on the way to hell?

  4. Fausta Says:

    Not yet, Jeff, not yet.

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