The Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

Argentinian politicians unveil plan to shoot seagulls that attack whales
Birds regularly peck the mammals, then feed on the open wounds – behaviour environmentalists have blamed on humans

The Noose Tightens

Brazil’s Listless Growth Continues
Disappointing Quarterly GDP Rise Bodes Ill for Emerging Markets’ Ability to Boost World Growth

Mariel, puerto para la llegada masiva de empresas brasileñas a la economía de Cuba (h/t Silvio)

Chile’s mining industry
Friends again
Anglo American and Codelco settle their dispute

Colombia and the FARC
Talking about talks
This time negotiations might eventually bring peace

Castro Cashes-In From Obama’s Policy

Surprise upon surprise! “Reforms” only serve to make everything worse in Castrolandia

Tempering Dad

Cuban police arrest former Group of 75 prisoner of conscience Jose Daniel Ferrer Garcia (updated)

Aunt says the daughter of Cuba’s vice president defected for love
The daughter of Cuba’s vice president defected because she has a boyfriend in Florida, her family said

An Ecuadorean history of the world
Rafael Correa is using the Assange case to stake a claim to leadership of the Latin American far-left. He may find the spotlight uncomfortable

Switzerland arrests Guatemala ex-police chief Sperisen
Swiss authorities say they have arrested Guatemala’s former police chief, Erwin Sperisen, over the death of seven prisoners in 2006.

Latin America’s Autocrats Fail Marx’s Survival Test

Mexican-American relations
The trials of Ernesto Zedillo
An American court is preparing to judge the man who brought democracy to Mexico for war crimes. The case looks like a settling of political scores

Pemex Makes Its First Big Oil Find in Deep Gulf

Mexican cartels now trafficking … cigarettes?

Peru state of emergency over Conga mine to expire
The Peruvian government says it will not extend a state of emergency in force in three northern provinces.

Mitt Romney Would Support Puerto Rico Statehood Bid, Gov. Fortuno Says

Gov. Luis Fortuno of Puerto Rico address RNC

Hardly Reported: Venezuelan Refinery Disaster Has Chavez on Defensive, May Be Deadliest in World History (H/T Phineas)

Venezuela’s refinery disaster
A tragedy foretold
A fatal refinery blast will not help Hugo Chávez

Venezuelan Governmentt Spins On Amuay Disaster, Evidence Mounts Of Insufficient Maintenance

The strange case of the Yanomami massacre in Venezuela

Indigenous organizations denounce illegal gold miners’ crimes since 2009
Several indigenous organizations issued a statement on this matter

Empty greenhouses, empty promises (report in Spanish)

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Venezuela: Deadly socialism


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