Yoani Sanchez on Assange’s asylum VIDEO ADDED

Blogger Yoani Sanchez, finds a paradox (link via Voces del destierro) on Assange’s choice of political asylum,

“Un hombre (Assange) que simbolizó a una especie de Robin Hood de la información ha terminado siendo cobijado en el castillo feudal de un Gobierno que evidentemente tiene una política rígida, agresiva hacia los medios de comunicación y la libertad de información”, señaló Sánchez.

A man (Assange) who symbolized a sort of Robin Hood of information ends up sheltered in the feudal castle of a government that obviously has a rigid, aggressive policy against the media and freedom of information.”

The WSJ editorial board looks at Rafael Correa’s motivation,

Mr. Correa’s real motivation is to show solidarity with a fellow enemy of Western democracies. The consolation for the West is that Mr. Assange and his Ecuadorean protectors may have to live with each other for a very long time.

Until Britain grants Assange safe passage, however, Julian’s stuck at the embassy.


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2 Responses to “Yoani Sanchez on Assange’s asylum VIDEO ADDED”

  1. dymphna Says:

    I’m so glad you’re here for us provincially ignorant-about-South-American yanks. I was pondering how to get the real deal on background re this association between Assange & Ecuador…and instead of “Eureka!” I thought “Fausta!”

    I was right to check it out here.

    Ironic that he calls on our Leaker-in-Chief for help, though. Barack Pontius Pilate Obama has said it’s between Assange, Ecaudor and Britain.

    (His momma should have taught Obama when to use “between” and when to use “among”. Hint: OB used the wrong word in this case. Had he been schooled by Sister Benignus he’d never have made that particular error.

    I doubt she could’ve helped the large gaps in his understanding of economics, though.)

  2. Fausta Says:

    I doubt she could’ve helped the large gaps in his understanding of economics, though.
    Not even Sister Benignus would have been able to work heer magic on that!