The Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

With Argentina reeling from economic downturn, the government is recruiting migrant workers and kids to stay in power

Argentine leader’s image falls as inflation soars

Tango world cup slide show at the WSJ

Electricity taxes in Brazil
Untangling the custo Brasil

Olympic flag taken up to Rio’s Christ Statue
The Olympic flag receives a special blessing from seven different religions at Rio de Janeiro’s Christ the Redeemer Statue.
(h/t Gates of Vienna)

In Chile, Jews face new dangers and old fears
President of Chile’s Jewish community tells ‘Post’ neo-Nazi violence, Palestinian anti-Israelism, Islamism on the rise
(h/t Gates of Vienna), and Police in Chile guard Jews after anti-Semitic attacks
Many leftists in Latin America have become more vocal in their criticism of Israel

What Castro Does to Peaceful Women

A glimpse behind the curtain

“Boo-Hoo” for Diana Nyad


Medina’s turn
New rum in old bottles

Morning Bell: WikiLeaks’ Anti-Americanism Now Backed by Ecuador


Ecuador and Julian Assange
An Ecuadorean history of the world
Rafael Correa is using the Assange case to stake a claim to leadership of the Latin American far-left. He may find the spotlight uncomfortable
; a seldom-noticed fact,

The right to grant asylum in embassies is not recognised by international law or the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations of 1961. Latin America is the only region in the world where this practice is established—a consequence of the region’s history of political repression.

How Julian Assange can still outfox Britain

Strong Quake Hits Off El Salvador Coast

The Mexican Press Under Fire
Dozens of journalists have been murdered and media properties attacked in the past six years.

The ‘journalists’ with a cool $7 million

One can only surmise without proof. But don’t be surprised if it turns out that the group was part of a cartel squad sent to strong-arm judges, prosecutors, witnesses and others related to the case.

Related story also in the Nicaragua section below.

Mexico replaces all federal police at key airport (h/t Gates of Vienna).

Mexico Says Police Shot U.S. Officials
Federal Officers Were Among Gunmen Who Pursued, Injured Two Diplomats, Ministry Says; Incident Under Investigation

Mexico’s stock exchange
Elektric shock
Magic realism in Mexico’s stockmarket

Nicaragua Seizes $7 Million from Fake Journalists

10,000 Positions Available At “Mega Job Fair” in San Miguelito

This is actually a “bad news” article. There are 10,000 openings available just at this job fair. Only 2,334 people showed up, and most of them are already working somewhere else. They just wanted to see what was available, to see if they could jump from one company to another to improve their position, pay, benefits, or what have you. So, there are still many more jobs available than there are people to fill them. This is not good for a hot and growing economy. It’s nice that there’s now practically zero unemployment (or full employment) in Panama, however if there there no more people, then the economy cannot continue to expand. Need more warm bodies, quickly…

Peru Protests Slow Mine Plan, Growth

Puerto Ricans reject constitutional changes in upset vote

Uruguay’s plan to sell pot may not be that crazy

Explosion at Venezuela Refinery Kills 19

Another Terrible Tragedy Due To Chavista Mismanagement

Venezuela’s presidential campaign
Gaining ground

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Venezuela: Refinery explosion

No more “Coca-Cola, Cawy, Materva and Ironbeer”

Isaac? No problem!

The border conspiracy: PJM Videos Show How One Texas County Fakes Crime Statistics to Make the Border Look Safe

Argentina: tango festival in full swing

Venezuela: Protestors charge Chavez’s stage

Puerto Rico: The night of the iguana


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