Puerto Rico referendum: Live coverage

Follow-up post: Puerto Rico says “No”

Today Puerto Ricans vote on 2 constitutional amendments

The referendum would shrink the local legislature by almost 30 percent as part of a cost-saving measure and allow judges the right to deny bail in certain murder cases. Puerto Rico is currently the only place in the Western Hemisphere where everyone is entitled to bail regardless of the crime.

If approved, the referendum would grant judges the right to deny bail to those accused of premeditated murder, killing a police officer or killing someone in a public space or during a home invasion, sexual assault or drive-by shooting. The referendum also would reduce the number of Senate seats from 27 to 17 and the number of House seats from 51 to 39.

If approved, the bail amendment would go into effect by month’s end, while the reduction of the legislature’s size would become effective January 2017.

As of the writing of this post (3:31PM EST), voter turnout has been high.

Live feed (in Spanish) from El Nuevo Día below the break,

Watch live streaming video from gfrmediaenvivo at livestream.com


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