Romney names Hispanic Steering Committee, “Juntos con Romney”

Following the newly-released ad focused on jobs directed at the Latino market, Mitt Romney has announced his Hispanic Steering Committee aptly named “Juntos Con Romney”

Romney’s Hispanic Steering Committee leadership is comprised of former Secretary of Commerce Carlos Gutierrez; former Puerto Rico Attorney General Jose Fuentes; and former Administrator of the Small Business Administration (SBA) Hector Barreto.

Interestingly enough, other potential vice-presidential selections are also included – along with Rubio, Romney also named Puerto Rico Governor Luis Fortuno, New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez, and Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval as Honorary co-chairs to the steering committee.

Fortuño is a dynamic speaker and has made great progress rescuing Puerto Rico’s economy; because of him, Puerto Rico is now the second-most competitive economy in Latin America. On that alone, he would certainly be a good VP.

John Stossel interviewed him last year,

Rubio’s been a Senator since 2011. Likewise, Martinez and Sandoval have only been governor since 2011; so Fortuño is the most experienced.

However, of the four, I think Fortuño is the least likely to get the VP spot. For starters, it would take weeks to educate the public at large on the fact that Puerto Ricans are American citizens from birth, and, who needs yet another “natural born citizen” diversion at this point?

Javier Manjarres notes that Romney himself told him in 2010 that he would love to see a Romney/Rubio ticket.

Axelrod says that choosing Rubio would be “an insult to Hispanics”. Another Florida Republican who doesn’t toe the Axelrod line is Juan Eliel Garcia, who’s running for Congress in Florida,

By now, it’s time someone suggested to Axelrod that he himself is the insult.

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