Low expectations for the G20

Mexico’s Calderón Tempers Expectations for G-20 Meeting

Mr. Calderón also sought to temper short-term expectations from the summit.

“Each particular event, and in this case the G-20 meeting, doesn’t necessarily generate in itself some news event that would have a special impact on markets,” he said. “However, what we can expect, and that’s the goal of the meeting, is to deal frankly with the current problems in the world, particularly Europe.”

As you can hear in the above interview, there’s going to be a lot of lip service paid to mostly symbolic issues that will not improve, and may even worsen, economic or market conditions, such as “financial social inclusion, food security and the green economy”.

Calderón also expects a bailout for Spain, which comes as no surprise. Bailout in Spain Leaves Taxpayers Liable for the Cost – which taxpayers?

The G-20 will meet in Los Cabos, Mexico on June 18 and 19.

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