Cheap & Nasty, Fast & Furious

Richard Fernandez has an excellent analysis of the Venezuelan munitions story I posted this morning, At the Hugo, Hugo Cabana

The weapons will even be handed out to militias affiliated with Chavez to help them expropriate property from the one percenters of Venzuela. But there’s a dark side to it.

The Foreign Policy Research Institute thinks  the weapons are also destined for drug cartels, terror groups and assorted bad guys in Latin America.

In a global triangulation that would excite any conspiracy buff, the globalization of terrorism now links Colombian FARC with Hezbollah, Iran with Russia, elected governments with violent insurgencies, uranium with AK-103s, and cocaine with oil. At the center of it all, is Latin America—especially the countries under the influence of Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez.

At this rate the drug cartels in Latin America will have connections not just to local politicians but to foreign powers.

Oh, but they do.

Richard continues,

Maybe Congressman Darrell Issa has got the wrong idea about Operation Fast and Furious, in which the Justice Department allegedly armed Mexican cartels. Suppose F&F wasn’t about a gun sale program gone wrong but one gone according to plan?

The authorities certainly need a new one. Decapitating cartel leadership isn’t working, and the drug war isn’t going anywhere. So perhaps the only thing left is to to take over the cartels or at least ‘engage’ with them and use them as proxy militias. The serious of the nexus between international politics and drug gangs arose in late 2011 when it was revealed that cartels were planning to attack US targets in Mexico with US supplied guns.

I’m not sure that the cartels want to buy Chavez’s inferior weapons when they can afford the best, but a large supply of Cheap and Nasty can certainly destabilize Hugo’s (or post-Hugo‘s) Venezuela and his client countries long enough that the weapons’ quality may not be an issue. Cuba, Bolivia, Nicaragua come to mind – and Hugo even mentioned Argentina.

All for his Bolivarian Revolution, that is.

However, Richard makes a strong case for the reasons behind F&F.

Go read his full post, and ponder his last statement,

Maybe every drug gang is now looking for a patron — Russia, Iran come to mind — so if not you’re not one, then why become another?

Cheap & Nasty, Fast & Furious; all deadly.

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