The Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

Diminishing differences between Kirchner and military dictator that invaded Falklands in 1982
Cristina Kirchner may be more Machiavelli than Clausewitz, but, like Galtieri, she’s using the Falklands to distract from the increasing domestic problems that are festering under her tenure

Politics and crime in Colombia
Double agent

FARC Smuggle Explosives into Cities via Ecuador Border: Police

WATCHDOGS: Solons worry Medicare billions going to Castro, Cuba

Medicare fraud worth billions may be steered to Cuba

“Subversive monstrosity”: 500 Cubans attend internet festival in Havana

The Cuba Fallacy

Hiding Cuba’s crimes behind gay rights lies

Cuban activist Bismark Mustelier sentenced to 2 years in prison

WikiLeaks Finds Its True Home In Banana Republic Ecuador

Julian Assange Might Want to Think Twice About Seeking Asylum in Ecuador
The Ecuadorian government has treated media organizations harshly, though its president seemed to show sympathy for Wikileaks during a recent, collegial TV interview with Assange.

WikiLeaks’s Assange, Ecuador’s Correa, and the Politics of Anti-Americanism

Otto Reich: US Should Not Sign New Trade Agreements with Ecuador

Self-determination in the South Atlantic

Violence in Honduras
The eye of the storm
Timid steps to tame the world’s most violent country

Organised crime in Jamaica
Dudus gets his due


And how did it go at the G20?

Mexico election diary
#YoSoy132 at a crossroads

Mexico ready to vote, watchful for fraud

Will the PRI Retake Mexico?
Mexican progress may depend on who comes in second in July’s presidential election.

Paternity suits, cancer, and now, impeachment, for the bishop-turned-president: Paraguay Senate says impeachment trial of president will start on Friday (slideshow).

Paraguay’s president vows to fight impeachment

Paraguayan President Fernando Lugo vowed on Thursday to stand and fight rather than resign after his opponents launched an impeachment drive over a land eviction in which 17 people died last week.

Is it a coup in Paraguay?

Puerto Rico governor presses for bigger federal presence in Caribbean

Crews put boom around freighter grounded off Puerto Rico island, no signs of pollution

Puerto Rican Militant Accepts Plea Deal in Big 1983 U.S. Heist

Uruguay marijuana sales to be controlled by state
Uruguay is planning a radical approach to the legalisation of marijuana by proposing the sale of the drug be controlled by the state.
Well, that’s one way to make sure the politicians get rich. (h/t GoV)

Venezuela’s presidential election
Hugo’s last hurrah
In an election campaign like no other, Hugo Chávez must vanquish his own illness as well as an invigorated opposition

The week’s posts:
Whittle on Fast & Furious

Obama: Latinos in, utensils out!

Paraguay: Lugo impeached

Holder in contempt

Why executive privilege over Fast & Furious?

Assange wants asylum in Ecuador

Smart diplomacy: As global leaders gather in Mexico, Obama chews gum

The problem with Panama

At Hot Air: Paraguay: Lugo will be spending time with his families.

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