The Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean

I wouldn’t call it diplomacy: Argentina’s crass Olympics advert is the lowest form of diplomacy

Bolivia Following Argentine Takeover Deepens Regional Divide

EU urges Bolivia to compensate Spain over electricity grab (h/t Gates of Vienna)

Expropriations in Bolivia
Just when you thought it was safe
Evo Morales nationalises a Spanish electric company
. Spanish companies got taken in Cuba, in Venezuela, and in Argentina; now in Bolivia.

Horses are expensive, and labor-intensive. Elitism in Chile’s national sport
Rodeo rift

Cartagena prostitution scandal is no laughing matter to Secret Service alumni

The Guardian: Colombian rebels hold French journalist as ‘prisoner of war’

10 Most Censored Countries (h/t Babalu)

Oh, how polite: Pope sends letter of thanks to Cuban dictator Raul Castro

Report: IKEA used Cuban prison labor to make furniture in the late 1980s
The Swedish company says it had an arrangement of a limited nature with Cuba and is investigating the allegations

Curacao PM suspends island’s secret service agency

Ecuador Bank CEO to Challenge Correa for President, Envivo Says, via America’s Forum.

Issa sends out draft contempt order against Holder, says ‘Furious’ response ‘cannot stand’

23 Bodies Found Near US-Mexico Border

UBS PR to Pay $26.6M to Settle SEC Charges Over Muni, Other Funds

Coors Loses Fight Over High Puerto Rico Taxes

Hugo Chávez’s agony

Venezuela After Chavez: In the Footsteps of Franco, Ceausescu or Stalin?, (h/t Public Secrets).

Venezuela: say hello to the junta

Jaime Baily’s May 1st (in Spanish) monologue,

In Spanish, Bocaranda’s update on Chavez’s condition: the Cuban doctors are finally facing reality and have ceased the radiation treatments.

The week’s posts:
Bolivia: Evo Morales’s Victims Push Back

“Cuba May Be the Most Feminist Country in Latin America”

Venezuela to drop out of Inter-American Commission on Human Rights UPDATED with VIDEO

What the USA can learn from Chile

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