Saturday tango, CNN version

Nice article on CNN by Migdalia Romero, author of Tango Lover’S Guide To Buenos Aires: Insights And Recommendations,

Dancing to the music of love in Buenos Aires

The prelude to tango begins at the moment that two people stand face to face and listen silently to a few notes of the music, before settling in on the embrace and beginning to dance.
Tango is a dance that stresses elegant walking and close attention to the music. More than anything, if you are new to it, just enjoy the scene. Notice the subtle movements of the dancers, the ways in which they negotiate small spaces and crowded dance floors, and the delicate way they accomplish the seductive invitation to dance.

Master Card has a nice ad on tango tourism,

The ad was filmed on location at Confitería Ideal, also the location of the El flete number of The Tango Lesson,

Sally Potter chose a magnificent group of milongueros for that particular number, among them the brilliant Omar Vega (now deceased) and Carlos Copello.

La Ideal is a great place to dance and to watch dancers. Don’t miss it, if you go to Buenos Aires.

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