Political bow ties

Democrat strategists see fit to slur white men because racism is bad only if inflicted against a protected minority, so Roger Kimball has More on Bow Tie’n White Boys

It’s perfectly ok with me if Ms. Greene thinks she is disparaging  me when she identifies me by  my race and shaves a few years off my age. What I find totally unacceptable is her implicit condemnation of the bow tie.  Please, let’s leave bow ties out if it.  After all, what has that innocent bit of haberdashery ever done to her?  In an earlier column, I had occasion to ponder the mystery of why the bow tie drives a certain species of  liberal around the bend. They see a perfectly knotted bit of silk and, bang! It’s like a red flag to a bull. This recent insult to they bow tie prompts me to repeat that earlier column from 2008, in which I call for the creation of a “Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to the Bow Tie.

Indeed, it takes a secure man to wear a bow tie, and not every guy can wear one: Men with jug ears and overweight men should avoid them.

Think of it this way, guys: You’ll stand out from the crowd, and annoy a Democrat strategist.


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