Dear NYT, why ride a horse, when you can eat it?

@AnnDRomney took up dressage at age 50 as a therapy for multiple sclerosis, says the Gray Lady while pointing out that Romney’s rich.

At age 50, Barack Obama Legalized Horse Slaughter for Human Consumption.

He’s rich, too.

The Times: Pathetic.

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10 Responses to “Dear NYT, why ride a horse, when you can eat it?”

  1. Jim - PRS Says:

    Interesting: A horse’s ass legalizes horse meat for human consumption.

  2. Mr. Khan Says:

    Any progress on the “Legalized Dog Slaughter for Human Consumption” front?

  3. daniel duquenal Says:


    In many countries eating horse meat is quite OK. In France there are still “boucheries chevalines” as horse meat is reputed lower in cholesterol and assorted fats (I would not know, I rarely eat any type of red meat these days so it is immaterial how fat that piece of meat is in my plate).

    Not that this is really on topic, but US denizens have quite a few hangup with animal product, e.g. depriving themselves of rabbit and foie gras (though eating squirrel and cat fish which a french man would balk at).

  4. Fausta Says:

    Rabbit, geese, catfish, no problem.

    Dogs and horses are animals that have a spiritual bond with their masters; that’s my objection to their appearing on a dinner plate.

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  6. Adjoran Says:

    Also interesting that they never seem to mention the daughter of the balladeer of the OWS, the minstrel of the 99%, Bruce Springstein, rides a horse in competition that dear old Dad paid $850,000 for. I doubt you’ll find Romney spending that kind of money on a horse.

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  8. daniel duquenal Says:


    My mother, a farmers daughter, raised in a farm, told me always that Cows can also bond, as do Rabbits. Which means that if you want to have meat in your plate, well, you should hunt for it making sure that the said plate never had a bond with any human…..

    True, the bond with dogs or horses or cats is more obvious because the use for humans for this animal requires for a deeper bond, so to speak But I would stay away from “spiritual” in any case no matter how many tears I shed for my pets (and I have had pets all my life, including a 21 year old cat).

  9. Fausta Says:

    21! year old cat!

  10. Horsey chick Says:

    Just ask Mitt and Ann how their dinner of (horse meat) classic style with fried potatoes and foie gras was. As a adults and horse owners they should be ashamed of themselves. But, god forbid Obama ate dog in Indonesia as a 6 year old. Screw the Romney’s! Yes, they did eat horse meat in France! One of many delicacies they enjoyed. To bad the ole car elevator wasn’t made available to them in France.