Cuban slave labor used to build Ikea furniture in the 1980s

With the personal approval of Fidel Castro himself, IKEA used Cuban prison labor to make furniture in the late 1980s, but it wasn’t limited to furniture:

STASI records show Cuba deal included IKEA furniture, antiques, rum and guns
Documents of East Germany’s STASI security agency provide more details of the deal between Cuba and IKEA.

The memo notes that the agreements included a deal on “the production of furniture for export to Sweden” — the world headquarters of IKEA — with a total value of 12 million German Marks. But it does not specifically mention IKEA or prison labor.

It appears from the memo that Delta acted on behalf of the Swedish furniture and housewares chain.

Also mentioned in the memo are deals on textiles as well as 10,000 tons of grapefruit juice valued at 4.5 million marks, 200,000 bottles of rum and 200,000 cigars — all three products highly coveted in East Germany because of their “tropical” image.

KuA also ordered three containers of “antique furniture,” the memo added. Castro’s government seized tens of thousands of valuable antiques, paintings and sculptures as wealthy families fled abroad in the early years of the revolution and had to leave their property there.

The Cuban partners also asked for KuA help in exporting to the non-communist world what the document called “Oldtimers” — the antique U.S.-made cars and trucks still seen in Cuban streets to this day. “400 Oldtimers are ready for export,” the document said.

Alberto de la Cruz links to Penúltimos Días, which posted a page of the document,

I’m sure some Castro apologist somewhere is saying, “but they have free healthcare.”

It is an island prison.

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