The O’s latest gaffe: Pick on Ann Romney

Ann Romney raises five sons, battles cancer and multiple sclerosis, goes on the campaign trail, and yet, gets no respect from the Dems, because “she’s never worked a day in her life,”

Having insulted his wife and every stay-home mom, Hilary Rosen claims Mitt “doesn’t see women as equals,” because in Rosen’s book only women who work outside the home are “equals”.

Ah, the finesse, the subtlety of the Obama advisors. BTW, Rosen has visited the White House thirty-five times during the Obama administration.

Jennifer Rubin beats Rosen with the big stick,

No, this really happened. Honest. But it didn’t stop. Rosen took to Twitter to dig her hole deeper and deeper, never apologizing.

Then Rubin counts the ways,

Needless to say, the “war on women” has taken on a whole new tone. Let’s count the ways this is just awful for Obama and/or Democrats more generally. There are a few, so find a comfortable seat.

First, Obama, as a conservative pundit put it, just went a long way toward solidifying Romney’s base, especially among social conservatives who loathe elites who look down on stay-at-home moms.

Second, it feeds into the cliche that liberals love humanity but hate people. In this case they love womanhood but treat their own employees and conservative women like dirt.

Third, the “war on women” just became Romney’s vehicle for narrowing the gender gap, especially among women with children.

Fourth, this points to the absurdity of Obama’s approach to the campaign — nonstop negativity and gimmicks.When one goes awry, what’s he got to say?

Fifth, there will be a new term in politics: A Rosen. That is a gaffe of epic proportions that is magnified by the gaffer’s own stubbornness and insistence on digging deeper.

Sixth, Hilary Rosen, who makes her living in PR (irony alert), better find other work. She’s really terrible at her job, if this is any indication.

There’s more, much more at her post. Go read every word.

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Tree Hugging Sister released the Kraken on Rosen.

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  1. tree hugging sister Says:

    Oh, Fausta! That’s so sweet of you to say so.

    It was RICHLY deserved…and such fun. {8^P

  2. Fausta Says:

    Mmmmm, good Kraken!

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