Mitt-Marco ticket?

Rubio Is Latest Possible Running Mate to Join Romney on the Campaign Trail

Mr. Rubio, whose appearance in Pennsylvania with Mr. Romney set off a new series of vice-presidential ripples, stayed relentlessly on message: “I’m not talking about that process anymore,” Mr. Rubio said when asked if he believed that, as a first-term senator, he was experienced enough to be Mr. Romney’s “No. 2, a heartbeat away.”

After all, how could Marco Rubio possibly fill Joe Biden‘s shoes?

And Marco’s Caucasian, which makes him a WHISP – White Hispanic, which will prevent the media from presenting him as a deserving underprivileged minority, so The People’s Cube has posted as a public service a handy-dandy Hispanic Skin Color Advisory System for Slanted Race-Baiting New Coverage,

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