Hugo Chavez still alive

In a bit of news reminiscent of Chevy Chases’ old Saturday Night Live joke, “generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead”, the Venezuelan government is asserting that Hugo Chávez is still alive,
Chavez Death Speculation Not True, Venezuela Government Says

Venezuela’s government denied speculation of President Hugo Chavez’s death as the leader’s nine-day absence from television screens fueled talk that his poor health may prevent him from running in October’s election.
Information Minister Andres Izarra, writing on Twitter, said opposition candidate Henrique Capriles Radonski was the “political fatality” and that the speculation had been “denied.”

Considering that Chávez couldn’t stay away from the limelight, forcing all licensed TV and radio stations to carry his hours-long cadenas, no wonder people are asking,

Chavez hasn’t spoken publicly since a speech April 13 in Caracas. Instead, he has sent messages from his Twitter account.

Supposedly he’s returning to Venezuela this week.


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